Relationship Building exercise

Oct 08, 2011

After the demise of Steve Jobs, it suddenly struck me, that gadgets and inanimate objects can only give us so much of a joy.

But the secret to real happiness lies in Relationships

It can be any relationship, between a master and his dog or between friends. So I was wondering if in this increasing social media world of ours, where things are becoming so impersonal, how does one bring about the old world charm? 

I have not inherited a legacy of knowledge in building good relationships (yes I am referring/blaming my parents again). But after having extraced all the Joy out of technology and gadgets, I am seriously thinking of revamping my life with some relationship building exercise. You know like sending gifts to people :). (only if i knew their addresses)

So, I am just beginner here, I would appreciate if you could help me complete this blog post by suggesting innovative ways of building up lifelong, everlasting and happy relationships. 

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