Relationships on Rent.

Relationships on Rent.

One of the biggest worry a man has is that if he ever runs out of money, his woman will leave him (or he will have to leave her). Being together is a costly exercise, while one works the other takes care of the social and other aspects of the life. If both man and woman are working even then the responsibilities of social and administrative work is divided. A marriage or making a home together is like building a brand and we all know that making brands costs lots of money. A good branded family has social status and respect in the society than the bad brand family with maybe a alcoholic husband.

Rent Economy

Millennials don’t like to own cars. We have the new shared billion dollar business models like Uber, Airbnb etc.

What these shared assets for hire give you is happiness and convenience. They are available when you need them.

Relationship is another asset, if used wisely it can be a source of happiness and enrichment. In todays precarious times we don’t know, how long we can manage to fund our children’s education or their demands for material goods.

If one is not able to have a full time family can one rent it for Sunday lunches?

The Japanese way

I read in Japan, you can hire people who will pretend to be your friend and spend time with you. All we want is someone who is available to us when we need to talk, isn’t it? Then why do we end up in long term committed relationship? There is also no guarantee that a long term relationship will last forever. Children will grow up, get married and have their own life to take care. A spouse might leave you for heavens for a better place.

The Indian way

The Indian middle class is preoccupied with their bourgeois needs. If there has to be any disruption in the institution or the brand of relationships it will come from the fringe. The outliers, who got busy working and never married. The enemies of the institution of marriage today is social media, cellphone and career.

What about the LGBT people who cannot get married ? They are seeking for equal rights, they are fighting for a place in the society which they don’t like. Will they innovate and disrupt traditional relationships?

Will we see a new social structure emerge and be a alternative to the traditional relationships. What would the brand be called ? How about RnB (Relationships ’n’ brotherhood Co.)