Respect your elders because they won't be around forever.

Memories Sep 17, 2020

Sorry for the extremely old fashion advice. This is a cliche but it is the most underrated advice. I think it is embedded in some culture's and family. Unfortunately, this was not embedded in my family and I have paid the price. It always brings tears in my eyes, when I remember all the elders.

Childhood Conditioning

I was never really conditioned by parents to respect elders. A proof is that I call my elder sister by her name than by a respective Tai or didi. Words make us, what we speak, subconsciously programs our personality. Choosing the words for expression is now a big new age science in the positive thinking school.

You are what you speak!

I had to learn my respect to elders in a hard way, as with most of the lessons in my life. No amount of money can buy elderly advice and guidance. No expert consultant can give you that kind of guidance which an older family member will give. The elder person has seen you grow from a little helpless zygote to full-grown adult. They know your DNA, unlike the experts.

Carefree life

Growing up I have been always surrounded by elders. With elders around, my guards would be always off. I had no worries or cares in the world. Now my guards are always up like they say

Maa, Baap ka saaya

Is our Society now untrusting of elders?

I think as a society we are rather untrusting of elders. With a lot of stories coming out of being sexually abused at age 3/4 have made parents quite alarmed. But I think this analogy will explain what I mean - Diabetes kills more Indians than terrorist attacks, but all resources are spent in defending the nation against terrorists.

In my opinion, we humans have a natural tendency to protect and nurture the young and it need not be our own blood. As a society, we have become more moralistic and judgemental.

My Experience

I think all the elders I grew up with had good wishes and blessings for me, which I miss dearly. Unfortunately, my biggest grief is that I was never able to reciprocate in kind when they were old. Maybe that would be a regret of every youth when he is on the verge of becoming elderly.

As I am getting into the elderly phase of life, I cannot emphasise enough the elder's greatness. They were all exemplary, disciplined and committed. Yes, there were some elders who didn't make the cut. But I am grateful to them also, cause they tell me how life can crush you but you can still be kind towards others.


This blogpost is a tribute to all these elderly people, some are dead and some may be alive. You are my rockstars! I miss you and love you.


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