Resuming Blogging

About me Apr 08, 2019

It’s been sometime that I have not blogged. There are a few reasons for it. One is I feel tired and overworked all the time. Writing a blog seems vain during such times. I thought I would do video blogging, but not so confident about it.

I write this blog, and try to be as open as possible on an open platform. Some times I feel people use the knowledge they gain about me from my writing against me. Predators I call them or vultures. I write because I feel I have a brave voice, but I feel run down all the time. It gets tiring.

But I also write to connect to a person who might relate to my problems, my challenges. May be I can give the person an insight in to something. I really hope someone is learning something from my mistakes.

What I have decided is that I will do very short posts from now on. Keep it under 200 words.


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