Saas, Bahu aur Damad

One of the most abused relationships is Son in law (SIL) and Daughter in law (DIL) relationship. Sometime’s we love someone because it fulfills one of our wants or needs. We love someone because it fits the hole in ourselves, and we feel complete.

But soon the round peg turns square and it no longer fits in and there is anger and resentment.

We have been cheated, when we loved that new person, it was expected to fill in the vacuum in our hearts and in our lives. Someone has reneged on their promises. 

The same love turns in to anger, resentment and estrangement, and most successful victim of this kind of conditional love are our beloved SIL and DIL. We love our SIL/DIL because they take the shit dished out by our Sons/daughters , they are there to feed and wash and look after our Sons/daughters children, or to facilitate the earning by being a Double Income family. As long as this happens the Saas & Sasur love their SIL/DIL’s.

Its no wonder that TV serials have capitalised on this abused relationship, by feeding in to the insecurities of these SIL/DIL and made so much money.

Its time we love SIL/DIL for what they are and who they are, and not merely because they suit the role of the perfecto Bahu and Damad. 

Lets stop this nonsense on TV!!!!