She was my first girlfriend. She had a lot of pain in her. As soon as we started dating (or going around) she started pouring her family problems on me. She said her father used to beat her up, sometimes using his belt.

I was in disbelief, my father had never lifted his hand on me even by mistake. I liked her pain. I loved kissing her, I kissed her in the rickshaw, on the beach and everywhere I took her.

Then I took her to a friend's empty flat.

One day a friend said you have a GF take her to the empty flat. I thought of being with her alone in an empty flat with all that privacy was something I was eager to try out.

She was more than happy to come over. We sat on the sofa and kissed. I had never in my mind imagined making love to her.

Also in the back of my subconscious mind, I knew she was not of legal age. She was more mature than me. She was quite tall and looked 20.

We kissed and I was all bored in a stranger's flat. I had no intention of having sex. She was a bit disappointed, I guess. I felt fatherly at the moment. ( This is an afterthought of course)

Her Father imposed a curfew and became abusive

Soon her father who was an armed forces guy came to know about us. He thought I was some goonda out to screw his daughter. He called my family and abused them. My brother-in-law who was on the receiving end gave him a befitting reply.

I wasn’t serious about her

I liked her company, but I was far from in love. I wanted a girlfriend to hang out and spend some time and was no frame of mind to chase her. That was the end of the relationship.

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash