I am so excited to try a new blogging platform called ghost. Wordpress was increasingly feeling dated and jaded. Bye Bye Wordpress.

So I heard about Ghost Blogging platform on a podcast, I think it was @vgr who mentioned that he was enjoying blogging much more.

The problem was of-course the Ghost Pro is 36 USD per month, that exorbitant fees is to support development of this wonderful blogging interface. I think it is more than justified. But of-course I would never go for it at that price. What I did was to get hosting at Digital Ocean who also gave me 100 USD credit for 60 days. Now I can try this platform for 60 days at no cost and then I have my droplet set at 5 USD /month/blog. Not bad huh?

Incase you are planning to change your blogging platform and need a tutorial on how to do it? Here is a wonderful guide which I used to install ghost. Developers would charge about 60USD for the same.

But why Ghost?

Well, I am quite used to writing in Markdown. It seems my default mode of writing. This is a big deal maker.

For my other blogs, I am exploring the paid member feature, yes they have a stripe integration also and have recently added support for INR. I am not sure if recurring payments work on stripe. Remember this is my first day of checking out this platform. I will probably keep you updated about this new journey in my blogging life. It is a new turn and I am quite excited :)

Another feature it supports is that it can send emails to your paid and free members. It has now native integration with Mailgun so I need to figure out how that pans out. There are other integrations with popular platforms like Mailchimp etc. I need to test them.

Thanks for reading. In case you are a Ghost Enthusiast do connect :)