Should we switch to a polygamous society?

I guess after reading the title of the post, you might say ” what a MCP this guy is” .

But beleive me polygamy works better in a womens favor.

We were historically a polygamous soceity and sometime in the past, the brahmins and the vaishnavas probably decided to make the law so the power of the kshatriyas could be controlled, as a non heir for the king would eventually turn power in the hands of the brahmins.

Isnt raising kids expensive?

Wouldnt it be better that the richer men have more wives and more children?

Wouldnt it be better that girls get married to a rich guy than a person who cannot pay his bills and comes home drunk every evening? 

Wouldnt it be better if the women can stay at home and rear the kids, rather than leaving her toddlers in some creche in a hurry?

Ofcourse the masses will revolt, a entire generation of poor people might not get married, but what we will have after one generation is a more equal distribution of wealth.Not such banal and atrocious disparity between the rich and the poor.

The girl child when she becomes a women can select the most capable man to take care of her and her children. Given a choice wouldnt a women marry a man with more wealth and security?? (Yes ofcourse it quite a darwinian thing to do that, gold digger is just a derogaroty term created by other jealous women).

So what do you think? “Can you as a women share your husband with someone else? Another interesting question would be ” can a man share his woman?” .

I think muslim laws allow a man to have more than one wife, maybe its time to change the Hindu and Christian law.