Show me the profit!!!!!

As I am reminded almost every hour by sms/email/call from my bank, about the balance in my account, credit card payment dues and issued cheque status.

I think about ways to increase my income.I have 3 revenue models and bit of a expertise in these 3 fields, by which i can do so ..

  1. My manufacturing business.(
  2. Advertisers for my websites/blogs and ,
  3. Produce niche events, like the Poetry and Jazz show  we did at NCPA. or the Salsa parties which we had at a club in Juhu.


I used to think that if I concentrate totally on my manufacturing biz, i don’t need to look anywhere else for income Also since I’m working with only one client for past 12 years and almost no potential to scale up in the same vertical ,hence getting into diverse businesses was the only way I could increase my repertoire of clients.

Future plans for manufacturing:

Since I have some extra space here in my factory here in Jalgaon , i would like to do , some thing which integrates the farmers directly to their customers, but that can be a logistical nightmare and needs lot of dedicated hands.Also get into manufacturing some energy saving product which I can brand on my own.

Monetizing my two blogs and , started as a experiment and out of sheer passion for the subject and belief that niche publishing is need of the hour..Advertisers are slowly approaching and I am thrilled about that.

Future plans for monetizing the blogs:

I don’t have big plans for these blogs, the advertising revenue generated would give the best of profit/capital investment ratio.Only problem is its got a life as long as I remain interested in these topics.After that if I can buyer I sell it.But its rather difficult to sell your pet.

Niche Events

is something I would love to do, just organizing musical events for myself, but it takes a lot of effort and team work.This is an area I need to get working on….

Wish me all the best !!! 🙂

If some of the readers need to check out my professional profile, you can check , its just needs to be updated, but quite accurate.