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Small town people and small talk

I am sitting at Jalgaon station, fiddling with my iPhone , there goes this young student reading a visual basic book , he asks ur some rapid questions and I feel my privacy invaded .

1) is that a iPod ?
Ans : yes

2) which company does it belong too?????
Ans apple

3) how much did you pay for it????

Ans silence

4) how much did you pay that for ?

Ans (I pretend iam deaf or engrossed in music )

5) how much it costs ? ( he is sure persistent)

Ans I can’t remember ( i mumble)

I am left wondering would I behave the same way if I bump into someone who’s got some Kool gadgets of a swanky car?
Well I’m sure I will blog about that too.

Please excuse the typos I m on iPhone .