Soldier of Love

I am a soldier of love

and I am here to blow my own trumpet!!!

Enough has been written and said about the soldiers of war and peace

How about appreciating this unsung hero?

Whose only job is to wear a peice of his heart on his sleeve 

and offer it to someone who is ready to receive.


The tired soldier in me, wants to go home 

but the mission is to come back with all the pieces of my heart intact 

I cannot find the2 missing pieces, the culprits are absconding.

How would I have known,that those innocent kids will do such a thing to me?

I swear In future I would only give it to someone who promise to return it back to me

Never again I am going to be taken for a ride.


People say how nice I am, and I smile back and say, 

It’s all part of my divine duty maam!

But would be nice if you give the piece of my heart back to me and dont do, what those 2 kids did to me.

since I am weary and I want to go home!