Some thoughts

Okay, Im consumed by work nowadays and maintaining a personal blog has become really taxing, so from now on I will have generic topic as blog post. Anyway no one reads my blog 🙁
But I plan to update my blog more often, maybe daily or at least twice a week.
I believe love is transient, as soon as you start building dreams over it, it vanishes, like sand out of a closed fist. So intellectually I have come to the conclusion if you ever fall in love with someone, be happy that you could find someone to love, irrespective of the person loving you back. I highly recommend that one should love your phone, computer, books, dogs and not get involved with any person, people have free will. Gadgets and pets they will do as you wish. So what do you think?? 
Now again I was just imagining myself to be a very powerful person the other day and I wondered if I can handle power. The last time I had been in such a position, I had become a monster, I thought I was God, spoke rudely to people abused my employees. Criticized everyone around and never came close to real Happiness. Will this time be different?? or will power corrupt my soul absolutely.