Stop sending your kids to school

Stop sending your kids to school

Parents consider it their duty to give their children the best education. Society considers those who manage to give their children the best education as "successful parents". For a person with middle-class morals, it seems to be the "ultimate sin" not to give their child the best education they can afford. After all, what is the difference between them and the slum dwellers who rabidly breed children when they can't even afford to give them a decent education.

I say it's time for a paradigm shift, I am a product of the education system and have failed miserably. I am a Mechanical Enginner, who completed his diploma and dropped out in the 4th year of degree college.

Looking back, I see that education did nothing for me. I never understood why I had to learn integrations, derivatives, etc in math. I went to a private college where the professors seemed like "peons" who had managed to get a job and an engineering degree. Private colleges often give jobs as a commitment to their political goals. Most engineering colleges were run by politicians, at least back then.

I was totally demotivated by faculty who knew little English and taught me thermodynamics and math. Except for the few premium colleges, all colleges were new and crappy.

This system persists, and it's easier to get rid of the system than to try to fix it.

Human Desires are memetic

So why are parents still paying these exorbitant fees. The same money can buy tools for what the child is interested in. The child can learn from books at home.

Let's admit that schools and colleges are just a euphemism for day care centers. We don't know what to do with our kids' energy, they drive us crazy, so we've colluded with the state, which is also afraid of so much energy, so we have colleges.

But what happens in colleges, the kids are on their own, they pick up drugs and other habits. Neither the parents nor the education system want to take responsibility.

Memetic means humans copy each other

Our desires to make the best of our children are not really ours. We're trying to imitate someone else. Maybe another kid who went to Harvard or Yale or IIT.

I see a future where people will laugh at their children's institutional education. Credentialism (the act of getting a degree from a prestigious university) will no longer get you that coveted position. You know why? Because the internet exposes everyone.

A product of the industrial age

Schools were developed to provide a workforce in the industrial age. We are well into another information and technology age where change is too fast and disruptive.

Because the system was built for the industrial age, the archaic model neglects important education in ethics, nutrition, and meditation. A person who cannot think can only learn by rote. We need an education system that helps children think and build, and once you build, you have to manage things.

We are in an age of information overload, all the knowledge in the world is at our fingertips. More knowledge than any teacher has. Why learn from a mediocre teacher when you can learn from the best minds out there on Youtube.

Does that make sense?

The world is too complex to plan a career.

Technology is changing the way we work faster and faster. If there is one thing that is certain, it is uncertainty. A single point of failure like a lab leak or a local incident like the coronavirus has put the entire global economy at risk.

A 25/30 year education is too long a time horizon unless you want to be a doctor. I wouldn't want to be operated on by a quack. There's too much downside risk there. But in all other areas, please let's take a risk.