Story of Privilege Part 2 continued

What exactly does privilege mean? Isn’t it a rather relative term. Privilege in plain terms is a head start in a race. The privileged person has certain skills, background which gives him the advantage of winning the rat race.

It can be better communication skills, it can be wealthy parents who he doesn’t have to tend to. When we accept that every life is unique than why do we make such hue and cry about privilege? Like Leonard Cohen songs says in his song Everybody knows “The game was rigged from the start”.

Is it possible that a person born in a rich family might not have the tenacity or the fire in the belly to succeed? Is it possible that a person with the best foreign university education might be disadvantaged competing with someone who has learnt on the job?

Here I am trying to unsuccessfully suggest that the under privileged person has some skills which he has acquired because of his disadvantages. What about two people who attend the same college, have similar set of parents? Will they face similar career trajectory? I had a chat with my college friends. One is a industrialist, another is a successfully sales guy, I am coping, and the 4th one is in dumps.

Like someone said, ” A talented person is the one who makes the right choices”. Hiring the right people, partnering with the right person, marrying the right person can mean a lot. Does then privilege give you access to the right people, or the right life partner ?

I think the concept of privilege is not fully explored yet. Anyone has any links to a long from article ?