Story on mental health

One day as I came home from school, I found my mother was sitting on the window ledge in our 3rd floor apartment block. She was pissed drunk. She was wearing a nightie.

That day must have been the most embarrassing day of my life. The entire Goregaon East, now knew I was her son. I must have been 7/8 year old. She was a chronic alcoholic, she would usually drink, eat her fish curry and rice and try to sleep. She would be muttering incoherent stuff while lying on the diwan the entire day. She might or might not, try to sober up before Dad came home.

I have never understood till date if my mother was a schizophrenic or hopping mad with my Dad for cheating on her. This was her way of doing a revenge. All the wonderful imported cars he bought only got him the respect upfront. I suspect people talked nasty things about him behind his back.

JJ Hospital did certify her schizophrenic, and my father was granted a divorce. Somehow in my heart I don’t want to beleive it. My father is no more, but I want to be mother’s lawyer and defend her case.

Next hearing date ….