Surrender and indebted

I used to think I can do it all on my own. Live in this world and be the king of my own world. I wanted to be in control of my life. I didn’t want to be in-debt to anyone.

Finally, I threw in the towel. I didn’t ask for help, but help arrived. I didn’t say No. Asking or Begging for help would have been total surrender. I guess enlightenment is still far ahead.

Once you surrender, you feel this tremendous sense of debt along with gratitude. This feeling of debt is a grown up thing. We never feel indebted to our parents for educating us. We love them.

But when you are a grown up and surrender, you feel indebted. Indebted arises out of separation. We are one with our parents, so it never crosses our mind that we owe or in debt to our parents.

Do you feel indebted to your parents?