Sweet Dreams are made of these....

Recently I have noticed that some of my dreams are coming true, sometimes the dreams are about me and my problems(mostly 😛 to be honest), but sometimes its about a friend in trouble,sometimes I wonder why this particular person came into my dreams, and then I realize that I feel close to this person( I’m dumb YES). I am understanding symbolically what the dreams means, yesterday i dreamt, I am walking over a (railway)bridge, with a friend, does that mean we are finally resolving our differences and meeting half way or building a bridge of understanding??

I listen to my dreams, I respect them, I follow and decipher the subtle messages.So If I have a problem ,I put the intent for solution before sleep and I might come up with a solution, but sometimes there is no solution, in that case, I just endure the problem. The idea that the solution would only come when the learning is done, and the problem or challenge is no longer required.

So if I want to be rich by the end of the day, I can put the intent in my dreams for a solution or to visualize how I would become rich, but the problem is I don’t dream about making money, or about some big business ideas,I dream about people, about healing my hurt, about relationships. May be it means I should deal with relationship issues and my professional life can be taken care of later, but I am reeeellly happy with the way things are in my personal life, I need to shift focus from personal life to professional, how does that happen??? May be I should dream about it 😀

So tonite’s DREAM would be “How to shift focus from personal life to professional life”. Leaving you with a song  Sweet Dreams are made of these by Eurythmics.

Good Night and sweet dreams :-).