That moment you lose everything

We keep losing people, we keep losing friends, we keep losing things
and sometimes and very rarely we lose ourselves.

At this moment, We don’t identify with anything, at times like these
we are no one, we are not brothers, we are not husbands, we are not
wives, we are not the successful person at work, everything is lost in
a moment. Yes, in the same moment, where existence asks us to come
undone, utterly naked and all exposed and vulnerable, drop all your
veils, look at the emptiness.

Just let it go, all that is unwanted is flowing away, cleansing you,
preparing you for another role to play, another clothes to wear. do
you feel happy about the new role, when you know everything is so
transient, and in one moment again, you will have to lose that friend,
the lover, the job, the children. Why does existence force us with such situations? Why does it remind
us about the fragile nature of things, why can’t we have the
confidence when the moment comes to let everything go, and start
again. Why is there a bad taste of pain in the heart, the stomach and
the body aches?

Why is there so much emptiness in letting go, just waiting for the
void to be filled by some another energy. Why can’t we all remain
empty and be assured in the feeling that we are all alone in this