The “Shree Ganesh” of my Travelling dreams!

Like every other person who wants to travel the world, I am no different. Now that I am a free bird (and also to escape my creditors and responsibilities).I have decided to travel.

My travelling motto is 

“Anywhere and wherever goes, I will travel”

Since I  have a deep aversion for making any kind of plans. I haven’t yet figured out where all I need to travel, whether to go by air, drive down or bike it up. North or South, adventurous or safe, east or west.

Here I have done a “Shree Ganesh”(grand inauguration) of my travel plans this weekend, by going to Aurangabad armed with a Sony T90 (what a wonderful camera), I mercilessly shot anything and everything which came in view.

Check out some of the pics, of Ellora, Daulatabad fort, and Biwi Bibi Ka Makbara. Will Upload more when I get broadband.