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life sucks Feb 15, 2008

The courts of mumbai(live @ co-op court).

The courts in mumbai I wonder if they are here to serve justice? This lady is been coming here for last 8 years cause she had signed as a guarantor for a lady officer for a loan of 50000 Rs, is it fair?,(shree ram kapoos case Vs smt N.M.Mohite.)Hasnt she already paid the price for her ignorance for being a guarantor and not knowing the law?Such a irony?In her words she says “andhadhund” meaning blind,is that why they have that statue of a women with a blindfold?
From a layman point of view,these courts just serve the lawyers by providing them a means of livihood,the longer the case goes the more money they earn per client? Same goes for the judges,sic!


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