The cure for dumbness

I dont know about you, but i felt very smart from the age of 17 to 36, but now that I am no longer in that attractive age bracket, I have been feeling overwhelmingly dumb about myself. Its terrible to know, you are not smart, witty, good looking and not that fit also.The delusions of youth leave you by the time you have 2 kids, but for me it went on for a quite a while after that.

But this year 2010 is a rude awakening, its just realizing that you got be fast, swift, not miss opportunities, make the most out of everything, yet not do those callous things which you will regret. Yes! I guess I have become wise. This was never the case before, i took up whatever came to me, never thought about the long term implications.
Being wise, is painful, somehow I feel now I dont have the luxury of being callous like i did earlier, I hate it! But I am trying to endure this painful transition from a boy to a man! yes that what I think, I am becoming a man at 37?? never too late….
I wonder if I can survive this, they say the 40’s are the new 20’s. Will I get back my enthusiasm and jest for life? 
Till then I am trying to find a cure to my dumbness!!! Adios! 
Here is a song to suit my mood.