The Daddy’s Princess who taught life was all about Fun and Dance Until…

The Daddy’s Princess who taught life was all about Fun and Dance Until…

Daddy’s love their daughter. The affection that they don’t get from their wives they get from their daughter. The changes you want to see in your wife you can actually make it happen in your daughter!!!

You can make her think like you. You can sell your ideology to her. You can cook her breakfast and tell the guy she goes out on her first date, that you would kill him, if he ever hurts her.

Daddy work his ass off. Daddy makes her believe life is beautiful. Daddy makes all her wishes come true. She can do whatever she wants, she can spend on anything she can think about.

Only Daddy doesn’t teach her how to think. Princess is limited by her thinking Princess doesn’t think that Daddy’s is becoming older. Princess doesn’t see Daddy is not working as much as he was. Daddy’s is not as strong as he used to be.

Princess beleives her Daddy is the greatest. She knows she won’t have to work for money because daddy dearest has made enough for her. This is a great world, but then hormones and puberty and youth take over the brain.

She falls in love, many times. She is heart broken, daddy is more heart broken. He watches his baby and stands by her side. He nurtures her, he plays the fool and gets his baby back on her feet. He curses the patriarchy and is at loss to understand the psyche of the man who hurt his angel.

After a lot many heartbreaks, princess marries the “mama’s boy”. Mama’s Boy thinks she is sex slave. Mama’s Boy marries her only to be disappointed. Mama’s Boy was expecting abundance to come with the princess. Mama’s Boy feels princess is burden. He takes upon himself to correct her. He uses the rod and doesn’t spare the child.

Princess now no longer thinks life is fun and dance.

Photo by Civalias Kune on Unsplash