The Economics of Relationships

I met this lady one day, I owed her money. She was not pushing me, she saw I was in pain. I told her about my problems about my recent relationship breakup. The worldly lady told me something which I find even today hard to digest.

She told me that “she left you because you have no money left”. This statement hit me hard. I thought I was a bad ass, I screwed around and she left me.

I mean do people who love each other leave just because one of them is out of money? Are we so weak, can we not get down together and get enough to eat?

Then there was this another girl, I had a solid crush on her. She said “women want money”. I was aghast, why would a Independent rich woman like her say such a nasty thing ? Isn’t she making enough to feed herself and a few others.

Then there is this old retired lady. Her earning children want her to sell her house and give them the money. The children want the parents to go to their village, while they buy a new house and get their privacy.

In a crowded family everyone is cannibalising each other. How do we live and let live?