The Ego lens

I read somewhere, when we meet people, we use different lenses to judge or measure people. The worst is the ego lens.

Ego lens is basically our assumption, that we are more important, or moneyed, more knowlegeable, more charming. The problem occurs with this perspective is that when you meet someone who is not really impressed by your “more & more” and even more stuff. This can really hurt bad, and trust me it going to hurt.

After one such hurtful expereince recenntly I have decided to atleast be aware of what ego lens I am using, this is extremely helpful in negotiations. Once you are aware of your ego lens, you can downplay or overplay it.

Ofcourse the best option if you really want to understand the person in front of you, you should drop all your ego lenses, and that person will appear naked to you, but its easier said than done, and I am so full of myself and I find every other person boring to drop my ego lens.

I hope I am making some sense?