The Gas leakage Episode. → I could have got roasted.

Death Jul 12, 2019

I was making my kitchdi. I smelled that There was a leakage but for some reason I decided to ignore The smell.

Alter a while the smell was less I continued doing my thing which was listening to pocket articles & preparing for bath. I think I also did Yoga.

there was an urgent knock@ the door. All my neighbours who never really get a chance to talk to me were at the door. They looked alarmed.

I was a bit non-plussed what the hell have I done, I dont talk to anyone here.

they asked me if my gas cylinder is 0N?

I said, yes I was making my lunch. They said your gas is leaking we can all smell it.

And it stuck me, I had been careless.

After a few days I called the gas repairman. He said the regulator is leaking & needs to be replaced.

“Well, That was a close call he said” you were lucky!


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