The hidden benefits of dying.

The hidden benefits of dying.

We are all courageous enough to ask the question ” what is the point in living? ” but the real question I mean the only real question is “what are the benefits of dying? ”

Living is fun, it’s exciting, it’s intoxicating, it’s pleasurable , life has everything to offer. There is pleasure in the pain and the suffering also. Your pain and suffering define who you are not the other way round.

But dying? What’s the use? God way of cleaning the trash? All the bloody hardwork one does, all money you swindle, all people you bully, all the people you love and who love you back and God just decides one fine day you are trash and you need to be recycled in to a dog or a snake (if you believe in reincarnation) .

I think your dying is good for the world and for your immediate family more so. You clear the blocks for the future. Do you think Rajiv Gandhi would have been the PM if Indira wasn’t assassinated? Or SoNia G would be the congressperson riding on the huge sympathy wave? Or Namo would have been a PM candidate if he wasn’t accused of so many killings?

Disclaimer – yes, I do write more about death and I have no such pre-nomination of my death.