The History of my privilege - 1

Much is made of privilege. My good friend replaced the word “privilege” with “Luck”. But lets us stick to “privilege”. The connotation of “luck” is “by chance” while privilege is planned.

I knew I was one of those affluent kids in school. I was not conscious that my father was rich, but I would be embarrassed when dad came in his big car to fetch me. My instructions were “ I don’t want to be fetched in the imported yellow car”. I guess I was shy and didn’t want to stand out. You know all eyes staring at you and the big car.

But then life takes a turn, I grew up. I saw that people were getting fat salaries in MNC’s and were travelling all over the world. The narrative of me being a fat rich business owner took a beating when one day the bank my father owned money, tried to evict me and my family. If I cannot provide roof for my family, I must be poor.

The bubble of privilege hadn’t burst yet.

I kept seeing people around me getting richer and richer while I was lost my marriage, my house, my car and all my savings. Finally the bubble burst – I was the underdog, the under privileged.

Was I ?