The key 2 strategies of extremely successful sales men.

Yes! Eureka. I have discovered and now blogged the secrets of the only
2 successful strategy of extremely successful sales men. Strategy 1- Create scarcity

We all know, there is plenty for each one of us, but the best sales
man creates a fear psychosis in the minds of the client. He has to
make his client believe the resource is so scarce and if he doesn’t
buy he will be left out of the rat race, he will have missed the
golden opportunity.
This should work and make your client beg and plead to reserve that
product or service which you want to sell.
If this doesn’t work, use the 2nd one

Strategy 2 – Wish abundance Now, fear strategy works only on weak and stupid people. To sell to
the intelligent people, use the abundance strategy, as we all know the
intellectual is greedy and very ambitious by virtue.

The idea is to convince the client that your product/service will make
him rich, he will be the smartest dood in town, she will have the best
boobs in town, or whatever it takes. You get my point?