The pregnant woman at Starbucks

The pregnant woman at Starbucks

I been working out of Starbucks or any public space for a month or so. I realised working from home makes me anxious and irritable. Also travel time to reach to these places gives me time to think and catch up on podcast and my pocket articles.

One of the perks of working from Starbucks is the cordial people who frequent the place. I am not a chatty person, but on a break, I put up my head up and look around. There are giggling teenagers, people from out of town who are waiting for last 3.5 hours. There are remote workers and remote students.

There are some lucky people who come to read a book. She is one of that girl. This makes me a bit curious naturally. While 99.99% slog away talking, sipping, chatting, this girl is reading. I like her energy, she brings calm to me. She doesn’t like me seeing her, so she makes sure she sits somewhere she remains hidden.

I have no urge to talk to her, she is soon going to be a mother. She touches her stomach often. Besides she is from a different world, I can tell we will have nothing in common. She might be reading something totally avant-garde or high brow literature. I am generally reading books on current affairs or economy.

Have you met someone interesting at Starbucks?