The process of making Big decisions in Life.

Need to buy a mobile phone, buy some clothes, go on a vacation, where to go for dinner tonight are some of  the small decision we make everyday and dont think much about these things. But yes there are small joys to be discovered in finding the nuances and idiosyncrasies behind these seemingly mundane and routine things we do. 

But today I am talking about the process involved in making a BIG decision. A big decision like buying a house, marrying the right girl, choosing the right career option. These are the most worrisome areas of are life. There are huge risk involved.

These big decisions need to be nurtured and several influencing factors play a big part. 

1) Peer pressure

2) Opinions of family and friends

3) Affordability and efficiency.

How does one know, he has bought the right property or married the right woman, ofcourse one tries to convince onself that was the only option in case of a house or that you love your wife (in case of marriage) . One can eventually settle down and comes at peace at the big decision. 

But I am exploring this other strategy! 

What if on purpose instead of marying the right woman or buying the right house, what if we take a wrong decision on purpose, (we belevie the decision will eventually ruin us), we get into a big decision which is crazy and seems like a bad one. Can one trust in life enough, to actually gamble and take a bad decision (for maybe temporary gain or long term gain) and never think about it with regret, no matter what the consequence. 

I am interested in a bad decision because it pushes human limits, it challenges your core beliefs , it makes you think of working your way out and being a survivor.

My life is series of bad decisions. Lets see, I want to make another one now!