The quintessential question??

Should I get married?? This is the quintessential question one ask when you are 35 and all alone.I think marriage is very dated. People tell me get married, find some one, who is going to take care of you when you are old and sick. They try to put all kinds of fear in your mind, my ex-bosses wife tells me I have a nice girl(a divorcee after couple of months of marriage) for you , she will cook and clean, since you don’t like working women, I had actually started calculating the amount of money I would be saving after getting rid of the cook and the help, but I refused to give in to my shrewd and calculating mind and said a polite “NO”, the offer stands still :).

I always say  that if anyone wants to marry me, it wont last more than a couple of years, my first marriage lasted for 7 years, ah maybe it was because of the kids. As the question comes up on my walk, it starts raining and I run for shelter,I get a chance to eavesdrop on a conversation a 82 year old NRI is having with some women, that how he has put out an advertisement in the papers for companionship, but he was unable to find one. Looking at the spirit of the old man, I felt hope. I am still too young.So the answer is still “NO”. But again if I am in LOVE I think getting married is very romantic.