The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.(some excerpts to ponder)

The archetypal structure of “marriage” can be thought of as a planet.When two souls marry,they fall into an orbit, or gravitational field,of this planet and therefore despite their own individual intentions,they take on the characteristics of this planet called “marriage”.They become part of the structure itself through their own participation in a marriage.

Every decision that you make either moves you towards your personality,or towards your soul.Each decision that you make is an answer to the question,how do you choose to learn love?”,how do you choose to learn authentic empowerment-through doubt and fear,or through wisdom?”This is the heart of the Garden of Paradise story.

“Will you choose the way of doubt and fear,or will you choose the tree of wisdom?”

If a child dies early in his life,we do not know what agreement was made between the child’s soul and the soul of its parents,or what healing was served by that experience.Although we are sympathetic to the anguish of the parents,we cannot judge this event.If we ,or the parents of this child,do not understand the impersonal nature of the dynamic that is in motion,we may react with anger towards the universe,or towards each other,or with guilt if we feel our actions were inadequate.All of these create karma,and more lessons fr the soul to learn-more karmic debts!