The Story of a confused man

This is the story of the “confused man”. But he was always not so very
confused. Growing up he had formed his own opinion and views on how
life was meant to be. He was once a very very very “sure man”.

He was so sure about almost everything. He also proved it to the
world, his words were almost prophecies. Whatever he did or said
turned out to be truth.

So what went wrong? Well, things were good, everything he said was done and made to
happen. But because of this the man developed a superiority complex,
he started living in a world of his own, where no one could touch him
or challenge his prophecies. He lost touch with reality. He
developed a God complex. He didn’t realize that people only were
making things he wanted to happen because it served them from not owning
up to their own responsibility. The “sure man” was being used by
people who were happy to let him make decisions on their behalf. But
one day the same people who had praised him, loved and cared for him,
couldn’t take any more of his cocksure attitude and decided they had
enough, and the “sure man” no longer served the purpose.

As a result, the “sure man” was left as a very very very lonely man. This was a bad lesson for the “sure man” . He then decided he won’t
be sure about anything anymore. He knows that the people who ask him
if he is sure, don’t want to own up to their responsibilities. He has
decided to live a life of a “confused man”. He feels safe and
grounded, at least he is in touch with reality he feels.

The new age man he is! The “confused man” sharing, caring, loving, but
always yours truly, very very very confused.