The Story of my Gut - Part One

The Story of my Gut - Part One

I am 20 and in my second year engineering. Exams were on the brink, and I endured first gut problems. Not being equipped for important occasions of life is my USP. I wanted to become an Engineer, without the hard work.

Inside the messy brain of a 20-year-old, there was no time to study. I couldn’t eat and when I needed the energy, my gut betrayed me!!

This is the start of my problems with the gut. I researched on gut issues. This is what I found out.

When the brain is stressed, it needs energy, and it borrows this energy from the gut. The gut sacrifices the energy which it needs to digest. The brain tricks the Gut into False Signals of stress, creating a cycle of sustained indigestion issues.


I flunked maths and other subjects. During non-exams period, the gut didn’t trouble so much.
The 2nd gut incident happened when I was to get married.

continued in Part 2….