The Terminally ill dilemma

Suppose you have a fatal type of cancer, like steve jobs (except you don’t have the money steve had). You know only one thing, that slowly and menacingly you are bound to die.
Under the circumstances, there are 2 options for you, since you have limited resouces unlike Steve Jobs, you can only opt for any one of these options.
 You fight the cancer with all your might.
There is also a chance that if you fight with all your might, you can eventually win over the cancer, but the fight might kill you instead of the cancer.

In this case, doesn’t it make more sense to opt for

Enjoy your last few days/months/years on this planet.

FOR OPTION 2 to happen, the following questions need to be answered.

Do you accept and see yourself becoming weak and withering away in front of your own eyes. Do you see others seeing you becoming weak and die? Do you accept that others might sympathise with your condition?
You very well know, you were young and healthy and it is not your time to die, do you accept the unfair circumstances in which life has been snatched away from you? Do you want to snatch away someone else’s life, just because life hasn’t been fair to you? Do you want retribution, before you are too weak to move on your own feet?