The Utility of fear!

If you read any nouveau spiritual book, you will read tons of advice on why not to act in fear, why not to worry and how to overcome fear. 

I have read these books and advises, of-course they make a pertinent point, also if you speak to your close ones, they will always try to instil fear in you, cause they don’t want the worst possible thing to happen to you. 

But then there are times, when you are yourself faced with a worse case scenario, its a state of indecision which creates conflict and hence the fear. When we are unsure about ourselves, when the very ground which we thought was firm is shaken. This is the point we begin to explore something much deeper, profound and meaningful. 
Fear helps in pushing the energy inwards and fighting it or defeating it, might be counter productive. why not use the force of fear carry you to where you are meant to be, not where you want to be.