The way to make feel..

The way you feel, “if at all you feel” about something or someone is
the make or break feeling of that something or someone in your life.
People will throw things at you, hurl abuses, slap you or take
revenge, just to make you feel differently. I wonder if they ever
succeed in changing the way you feel? There are some people who you instantly take a liking to, and then
there are some you don’t feel comfortable. But here I am talking about
deeper emotions, very complex one’s. I am talking about relationship’s
or feelings deeply entrenched in your heart.

Our feelings are the strongest form of energy we have, these are so
deep rooted, that everything we do, we say and behave are guided by
these subconscious, indescribable feelings. They are the very basis of
our DNA. Most of the time we are operating at the superficial level. it’s busy
life, where we have to complete 100’s of tasks, who has the time to
feel? cause feeling means going slow, and feelings do hurt, at the
same time, “feeling” is the zone where your stupid mind is rested and
only your heart is working. As you know, the mind can drive you crazy,
while your heart comforts you.

Let’s take some time off to untangle our emotions. If we tell each other in words and beyond “how we feel”, will it
change the way we feel? How can we feel at ease?