The world inside your head

The world inside your head

She came, he saw , she conquered. There was something about her. The clothes she was wearing. They were of such good taste. The big necklace aroung her neck and her glowing bare skin. He could see that the length of her dress was of the right length. Atleast as per his standards. Too short and he would have thought she is loose, and too long he would have labelled her as Bahenji.

The design of the necklace was very intriguing. He kept looking at it, trying to read some cryptic message. It was like one of those abstract peices of art which makes one stare at it and come up with thousand’s of explanation. A abstract peice of art is like a portal to your unknown hidden and dark tendencies.

Her skin was glistening like polished metal. The light bouncing off her skin, attracting his gaze. There was a sudden gush of lust. Embarrassed as there were atleast a 100 people in the room, he decided to distract his mind off. There was pani poori but he wasn’t interested.

He only wanted to know, who was she, what was her name and what was her telephone number? He thought he was too old to chase a young girl. He knew only women bothered to shower him affection, only a women had the capacity to love him. Why would a girl ever commit a blunder of getting aquainted with him ?

It was one of those attractions when two absolute strangers on a busy street look deep into each others eyes like they want to get in bed tonight. In this case the eyes never met. He shoved off the idea in to the recesses of his mind. It seemed liked one of the days when his loneliness harmone was over reacting to a stimuli.

But the mind is its own boss.

He comes home, he imagines his wife is that girl. He completely replaces in his mind, his earlier ideas about his wife. He even tells his wife that he wants to give her a new name. He wants to revive the marriage which has gone old.

He wants romance, he wants lust. His wife’s friends get replaced by some random friends of the girl. All from his imagination. Life is no longer dull for him. He waits to get home. He takes out his wife for dinner and vacations. He talks to her and wants to know everything about her.

People no longer feel sad for him. They feel reassured that he has over come the tragedy of his young wife’s death.

They live Happily ever after.

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash