Time Balancesheet

You have probably read too much on time management, so what do you think I am going talk or say differently? probably not much. One thing Im sure is, if you read this you are going to spend some time on this post, and I want to give you some value for the attention you have given me. Fair Trade? Ah! thats utter nonsense you are reading this because you are freind and you love me. 


Let me tell you, how far I have gone to save time.

  1. I work from home (that means I rarely travel more than 3 kms of my residence)
  2. I make money of the internet. 
  3. I have resigned from all the other responsibilites I had previously committed and thought I couldnt give 100%.
  4. No relationships (only relating) (that means = we share time as long as we relate to each other)
  5. I havent consumed mass media (like TV/Newspaper) for about a year and a half. 

All these are practical and logical solution to time mangement or to save time, and it makes sense, right? So where do I spend it? 


  1. Work on a social project, which is not very financially rewarding but immesely gratyfying, but keeps me tied to my work for 16 hours a day with no vacation at all.
  2. Talk to a friend or be there for a friend.
  3. And no matter how much you read, listen to music or watch movies, or attend music concerts, its just never ENOUGH!!!!  

So this is my TIME BALANCESHEET, do drop in hints/suggestions on how you can save my time? 

Also there is this false theory that the richer you are the more time you have at your disposal. It is not always true, and its purely circumstancial. Logically speaking if you are rich, your time is a function of your worth, Right?  and then there is flip side, what do you do if you have nothing to do and you have lot of time on your hand?? In this case, Are you wasting your time or are you saving your time? 

One thing that has proven true for me is that value of your time generally peaks at around 40, when you realise your responsibilty.