Treat the other person if it was the last day of their life.

The-Survivors-Guide-What-You-Need-to-Know-and-What-You-Need-to-Do-When-Someone-Close-to-You-Dies-ByWe all have heard the cliche phrase that “Live life as it is the last day of your life” right? This doesn’t make sense, one is when you die, you are dead for other people, the dead person has no way of knowing if he is dead, his spirit lives on if you believe in the hindu way or you got to heaven or purgatory hell if you believe in other religions.

You live on even after your dead, maybe in a different world, but a dead person will not know he is dead. You can only know, if the other person is dead or alive. So when you meet or talk to a person, talk or act with that person if its their last day on this earth. Wouldn’t you then be kinder, gentler, caring to that person. Yes, be that.

Incase you are reading this blogpost, this is probably the last day of your life. Hugs and love to you then. Have fun in the other world.