Unwell thinking

When you are unwell, all your resources are focussed inwards, you have 2 desires 1) to die painlessly or 2) to get the fuck well asap. But I like to recover slowly, I love the trip this unwell state of being takes me to. 

I think of the following things

  1. Iam full of gratitude to all the humans who have helped me in this journey of life. 
  2. Your mind is on a rewind mode. I have lived long, and maybe I havent lived well. There are so many people I have lost and so many people who  i might have let down. But then you take pleasure in the few moments you have spent with these people as the cliche goes, life is in the details. Our life is indeed connected by memories, and however hard we may try to hide the uncomfortable past, we will come to it, during our last moment is my bet.

Unfortunately the unwell trip has come to an end in 24-48 hours so Iam out of the unwell state of mind for now, so nothing more to add I guess.