update 3.0

Its  been a long time since I have updated my personal blog. I had developed a severe inferiority complex about my writing skills, as I have been reading some absolutely brilliant stuff on the web, thanks to my twitter feeds and my better half writing on facebook notes.(No Iam not married). She writes good!! (except love letters).

Here is one hilarious blog I came across just yesterday by textualoffender

Also I am going through a huge transition phase in terms of my professional life, I have told my client of 13 years, I don’t want his business, and hence have shut down my beautiful factory, cooling my heels, till I close my account with the client, sell my factory and file my income tax and start a new life.

I haven’t made any plans professionally my plan “is to be surprised”. But still I mean I need to have some POA, My POA is going to be driven by my desires and not by fear or greed, haha sounds fancy and freaky or maybe even naughty. I am very excited, I want to work on my blogs and make into money spinners, create communities around it, want to promote art and culture using technology, the possibilities would be endless.I want to use geo-tagging technology to connect my communities,use keywords search, SEO and so many things. But again “Life happens when you are busy making plans” I might just end up getting a job in a BPO, or become a cook:) or a gardener.Who knows, you have to keep watching this space:).

But then yaar woh bolte hai na “One Life why So serious”.So I happen to check out the new Honda car JAZZ, while i was busy waiting to test drive a Bullet. The Jazz is beautiful, but the ENFIELD BULLET was awesome, I felt like swiping my credit card  right there and then. But  ENFEILD is launching a sexy new Bullet in 2010. Also I have ran out of credit.I ended up buying a bicycle, its a beautiful bike, 18 gears!!!

For the time being I am stuck here in Jalgaon, trying to push people to work so I can get out fast.I went to Ajanta caves today for the 100th time, love the place!

Meanwhile finished listening to these audio books, Denial of Death by Ernest Becker, Outliers by Malcom Gladwell and Salman Rushdie’s old classic Midnight’s Children. Also hear few podcasts, my current favorite is Socially speaking by @sumayaakazi