Vitality of the mind.

Vitality of the mind.
  1. Are you too slow to think?
  2. Do you wish you had reacted to a situation differently?
  3. did you miss a great opportunity?
  4. Did you miss being there for a loved one when you were needed the most?
  5. Do you think you wanted to acheive more in Life?

If you answer Yes to any of these Questions, you just dont have enough of Vitamin “V” V = Vitality. There are 2 kinds of Vitality, one is Vitality of the mind and another is Vitality of the body and they go hand in glove.

There are externalities and internalities which will make you full of vitality. Keep thinking on what will make you more energetic, what will keep you going and give strength when others need you. We have this desperate need to not fail in front of the people we love. But we all feel guilty of not doing much than we wished we could do, and whats worse we start blaming for things not working out to the other person. We will justify the other person is more demaning, we will blame the other person for destroying our career. Vitality will help you get what you want. So drop all the excess baggage, dont eat more than you need, dont worry more than you need to.

I dont have the answers to this, but I want to have lot of vitality as I grow old.