Walking up to a Stranger and telling you lust for her.

art galleries Sep 16, 2018

Things are tough for guys. If you tell a women you really want her and if that doesn’t come out right. You could be in deep trouble. One reporter friend told me how a techie was arrested for solicing online over Linkedin.

I am petrified of soliciting girls. I say girls, because I don’t have access to a pool of divorcee, middle aged women. I had decided that I was out of the dating/lust scene. But man is basically a horny animal, till he is counting his final breaths.

It is scary to tell a millennnial woman you want her bad, to tell her you like the shape of her. How you would like to feel her, see her naked. Atleast I haven’t bothered to tell anyone so far.

Recently I changed my mind. Though I am a old body, whose teeth might last another decade or so and most of the hair has already gone with the winds. I decided to get in the game.

The Problems

For all the feminism bullshit. It is really difficult to find a woman alone in public spaces without a man. All this talk about independence of Indian woman is very hypocritical #IMHO.

If I am attracted to someone, either she is with her boyfriend, friends or colleages. In short she is already having a good time.

Normal Places to approach a girl

I don’t do tinder. I have no time for it. I don’t flirt on social media. The only time I get flirty is when I am in the cafe or commuting. I like to experince real life.

How to tell a woman you lust for her, without getting reported to the police?

The biggest conflict in my mind is how to tell a completely unknown woman that she is beautiful without her reporting you the police or worse asking the public to beat you.

Respectable places to propose to a woman.

I was wondering, this attraction to strangers of mine can be dangerous. I have to choose a place which is safe enough, where the woman are used to this culture of guys being honest and upfront.

Bars and Lounges

I don’t like the kind of woman who frequent bars and lounges. I haven’t found a single interesting woman there. They are not my type.


Yes, Coffeeshops are my scene. I spend a lot of time there and do end up meeting some amazing people.

Events, Museums or Art galleries

I was checking out this exhibitions of paiting and murals. As I was walking in anti-clockwise direction. I saw a beautiful woman walking clockwise. I was immediately attracted to her complexion. I thought she was so beautiful, I need to tell her that. I checked her again, yes I loved her hair.

The Beautiful Painter

I evaluated my decision to approach her for few seconds. I went up to her and asked her who were the artists. She was lost for words. I thought she has realised what is going to follow. I thought well, better for me.

After a few minutes she told me some names of the Artist. I asked her if she paints, she said yes.

I thought there was no much conversation which I could carry on with her. She was for some reason tongue tied. I switched to Hindi, thinking she couldn’t speak English well.

The Proposal

I tell her “ You have a beautiful complexion.”

There is momentarily blushing on her part and then an unbeleivable look. I try to look her from her face to her toes and try to tell her without words, doesn’t she know how beautiful she is? She acts surprised. I wonder, if I am the first man to tell her this?

It is then my turn to roll my eyes and tell her, it is a musuem and I thought it was apt to offer you an complement. She finally throws in a look of understanding. I am releived that we have finally made peace.

The Phone Number

A bit cheesed off, i decide to walk away. But I couldn’t. I turn back and ask her if she would like to exchange numbers. She is speechless and after a few seconds, blurts out “ But, who are you?”. I think, is that really important ? I feel like saying I am Bond, James Bond. I tell her a glamorus lie, I am a journalist. She seems releived.

I ask her number again, she is reluctant to pass it on. I realise this is a too brazen for her. She doesn’t do this kind of stuff. But neither do I. I ask her the 3rd time, a bit exasperated. I take out my phone, she hurriedly tells me her number. I ask her name and say thanks. I walk away.

Before leaving the gallery, I try calling her. Her number is not reaachable. I check her number on true caller. It is indeed the correct number.


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