Want to sleep better? here is a idea.

Now if you have seen as many rains as I have, you havent possibly avoided worrying. Ofcourse worrying causes Stress and stress makes one sick, very very sick.

Recently I found myself worrying too much, and I realised I was sleeping with my worries. We cannot avoid destiny, we have to live our part, play our part, though we would rather have someone else's, because advertising has given us a few fixed templates of sucess, because they wanted to make it easy to sell.

Sorry to digress. So worrying makes you think and think a lot, and it makes you wide awake and when you dont sleep well, you entire productivity goes for a toss.

So how does one avoid worrying before sleep? Well, i have the answer. Do something which will force you to not think. For me, its trying to learn to play my guitar, which i hate, because it so difficult, my fingers tips hurt so much. But it completely takes my mind off from my immediate worries for a hour atleast. It works, i sleep better.

If you have insomnia issues, and lie awake in bed thinking, do you own thing, paint, sing, dance. Make sure the task is extremely challenging, otherwise you will do the task in auto mode like driving a car and still worry, do something which is really really difficult. This guitar I got is finally been dusted and put to good use.

Hope it helps. I am off to my hour of practise.