What evolutionary purpose does a game change serve?

Assuming life is a game, business is a game, love is a game, and all
relationships are games. The roles you play change, sometimes your are
over powered and sometimes you are the foot soldier, sometimes you are
the King and your moves are your own, and then there is a danger you
might not last the game. New games begin, the scenery has new facade, but you are still acting
it, trying your best to play your role, karma has chosen you, you
aren’t very happy, but you try to make the best out of it, but the
moment you assume full responsibility of the game, the name has
changed, you no longer have the same part.

You shout, scream in pain, “what have I gained, is there all there is
to this game” You want to be the highest scorer in your game, thats
the conditioning by the society, the top scorer gets recognition and
the rewards. Society rewards people who last their roles in
life/business/love/relationships. I for a fact, keep wondering,

Why do these games change, and roles change? what evolutionary
purposes does it serve? wouldn’t a person me more proficient if he was
in the same game for all the time. Some answers I am trying to find out.