What happens after the Tsunami?

We spend most part of our lives strengthening our relationships,
making our houses better, improving our financial portfolio and seeing
that our children become independent and secure. But one day a tsunami comes and wipes out everything, uproots the very
ground you laid the foundation of your home. Chances are you lose your
loved ones!

What happens next?? After you have been uprooted from your home, and
you have no one to call your own, what happens then? Will there be
someone who will lend you a hand, give you a home? What are the
chances, you will ever be fortunate enough to live a life of dignity
you had worked so hard to be deservedly living. Should a person commit suicide if he cannot live a life of dignity
which is the right of every individual? How much abuse can a person
take before he gives up, what happens after he gives up, does he get
up again and gets another shot at it?

Well, time will tell, and history is made of these tales!