What is a home?

Jan 13, 2015
I am proud of myself today, i shifted home in one day. Yes! Assembled my life and my belonging in a new place in 8 hours. That includes the airconditioning and the water heater, only the broadband connection is pending.

I have avoided the depressing feeling of sleeping in an empty house. Life continues without a sad pause or drops of tears. Home is basically a very private space for me, i like to just dissappear into my house, i dont like visitors or friends, I just want to dissolve into this small space of mine, maybe its just a phase. May be I will start inviting friends, maybe i will feel like sharing my space. But not right now.

Home is a place where you have complete freedom to do what you want, a home is where you make the decision on how you live and what you eat and drink. Its the most intimate space. It makes me wonder how hobo’s (homeless bozo’s) manage to live or tramps, who travel from one place to another without a permanent home. How do they rejunavate, rivitalise. I guess there comes a point, when staying at one place might feel sickening, maybe they never could make or afford a home so they just move on from one place to another to die and fade away.

For me home is the place I recuperate after the battles of everyday lives and stress. Does anything feel more nicer than a warm bath and maybe some chamomile tea. Welcome home.


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