What women really want?

What women really want?? Is one of the bigger existential questions that man has faced along, with “who are we?” “where have we come from?” and “what is the purpose of our existence?”

Looking back over my relationships I have realised that I have never understood women. In all my relationships, I have always had a big fear.

·         Will she leave me when I’m down and out?

·         Will she kick me, when I’m down on my knees?

·         Does she love someone else more than she loves me?

·         Will I get bored with her after some time?

·         Will I find someone more interesting around the corner?

With all these fears always playing in my insecure mind, it becomes extremely difficult to trust your lover/wife. Surrendering to the woman becomes impossible with these doubts. I realised the most beautiful married relationships are when the man has surrendered to the woman in TRUST, and she in turn lets him pretend, he is ruler of the house or her world.

One can come up with superficial answers like  

·          A woman want’s a guy with an awesome good physique and outstanding good looks

·         She wants someone  powerful with pots of money, cars, houses, vacations.

·         They want men who are independent and not mama’s boys.

These things do help, but don’t make a successful relationship.

What I think is that,

What women really want is some one to love her absolutely, unconditionally and eternally.

As for me All I want is to know in my heart is  that she is the one, to surrender and to love unconditionally.