Whats the point in having a having a bigger turnover and more profits?

I met one of my fathers friend today, he wanted me to work on a presentation pitch to investors, a business plan where he has chalked out the future strategy for growth. He plans to take his turnover from 40cr to 400cr.

I had met him in 2005, when he was making a turnover of 4cr, and he told me then

Manoj, I have plans of reaching this target of 40Cr in a few years

I didn’t believe him. After all I was in a similar industry like him, doing job works and manufacturing plastic moldings for various MNC’s. While my turnover was shrinking every year, I found his confidence a bit disturbing.

So eventually i closed down my business as I saw no point in working in an industry where profits margins were shrinking. I bought my piece of mind, and was ready for other challenges. I am very sure, I want to enter a segment where I want to be the market leader and innovator. I dont want to be in a  rat race, which I saw myself as losing and saved face by exiting such a business.

What I fail to understand is, why do people want to grow after they have reached their peak, he is already a market leader in this segment. Why not be content, and streamline things and go on a vacation?? He says the operational expenses are increasing and he has no alternative but to grow. He made it sound like it was a one way street.

He asked me what I was doing, I told him, I will keep on digging so one day I am bound to strike gold, he retorts back saying,

it shouldn’t be that once you reach the end of the rainbow, it might just turn out that the pot of gold is at the other end.

I was speechless!!

Its now well accepted rule, that if you do what you love, the probability of your success increases exponentially. So I have been thinking for a year now, what do i love to do? my answer is I love to connect people, I want to use technology to connect people to each other.Atleast whatever technology I can afford, I want to help people help themselves.

But i need to know more, I am very keen on leveraging my 13 years of experience of running a business, and I have lost, but I want to meet other people and see what made them succeed!!.

So I plan to use this suggestion of my good friend Soeb who suggested that I write about the dilemmas of second generation industrialists struggling between legacy and change, so I will do some interviews for research with second generations manufacturers/industrialists and see how they are charting out their growth path, and the big question i want answered is, why does one want to grow!!

The interviews would be published on my other blog at http://indus-tree.org/